Becky Erickson-Kyler Photo

Becky Erickson-Kyler

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Becky has been the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant for James Wood Law since February 2013.

Located in the Panhandle of Florida, Becky has consulted on 1000’s of medical malpractice cases with over 400 attorneys across the nation since 2007 – reviewing medical records for merit, locating experts, developing case strategies, teaching attorneys the medicine involved in their cases, attending and assisting in depositions, mediations, arbitrations and trials.

Prior to becoming a full-time Certified Legal Nurse Consultant in 2007, Becky was employed as a Registered Nurse in nearly every area of medicine for over 20 years, attending the delivery of over 2,000 newborns, working Nursery/NICU, Obstetrics, Adult/Pediatric Emergency/Trauma, Pediatrics, Operating Room, Medical/Surgical, Psychiatric, Orthopedics, Ski Nursing, Telephone Advice, Lasers/Injections, Nursing Home, Home Care, Unit Secretary, the list goes on.

“I am beyond proud to be associated with James Wood who I consider to be the best attorney I’ve witnessed in trial. Not only is his trial preparation impeccable - knowing every single medical record and understanding the medicine - the jury loves him and trusts him. They love and trust him because he’s genuine, relatable and only tells the truth. And the defense fears him - for the same reasons,” says Becky.

Becky goes on to say, “Working with the team of attorneys and paralegals at James Wood Law is extremely satisfying. I get to use all of my gifts and talents - including my degrees in teaching and psychology. Every potential client is treated with the same care, their medical records are thoroughly analyzed, and if their matter is a case we take forward, we are all in, 100%. If, after a careful review of their medical records, their matter does not meet the legal elements, they at least are provided with an answer of what happened to themself or their loved one, and sometimes that’s what they need to put their lives back together.”