What Are the Common Birth Injury Types?

infant laying in hospital crib with heart monitor on foot

There are many different types of birth injuries that can occur when a doctor is negligent in their care of a pregnant woman. Failure to monitor or recognize the need for an emergency C-section can lead to significant problems both physically and mentally.

Recognizing the different types of birth injuries is important. Here are some of the most common:

  • Cerebral palsy: This injury impacts roughly 800,000 children and is most often the result of oxygen deprivation, infant stroke or infection, or maternal infection. It is a preventable condition when the doctor properly monitors the pregnancy and identifies complications.
  • Brachial plexus: This is a physical injury that damages the upper part of the arm and often occurs during the delivery of the baby. It may lead to weakness or the lack of mobility in certain muscles in the arm.
  • Shoulder dystocia: This injury occurs when the baby’s shoulders and head get stuck behind the pelvic bone during delivery. It is rare, occurring in just 1% of pregnancies, but when it does happen, it can cause trouble breathing, collarbone fractures, or in the worst-case scenario, death.
  • Brain injuries: This can be either through a non-traumatic situation such as infection or oxygen deprivation, or by the improper use of birth-aiding tools that can cause trauma to the skull. This may result in long-term cognitive and developmental issues.

When the injury to the baby is caused by the negligence of a medical professional, you need the proper help to hold that party responsible for the damages sustained, as well as the financial hardship often associated with this situation.

At James Wood Law, our Albuquerque birth injury lawyers work hard to help you and your family after such a trying time. Trust that we’ll put your needs and best interests first, working to guide you to the most favorable outcome possible.

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