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Blog Posts in 2016

  • The Law Office of James H. Wood PC Celebrates 3 Years of Being AV Rated®

    The Law Office of James H. Wood PC is proud to celebrate three years of being AV® Preeminent™ Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®! Martindale-Hubbell® is a highly-respected attorney ratings organization which specializes in identifying and recognizing legal professionals in their individual fields for their unparalleled skill, ethical conduct, and results. As one of the most trusted sources of unbiased ...
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  • Connect Online with the Law Office of James H. Wood PC

    The Law Office of James H. Wood PC is dedicated to providing quality service and communication throughout each client's case. Mr. Wood works directly with his clients to understand their cases personally and to ensure they receive the attention they need during difficult times. To stay in communication with past and prospective clients, our firm has a variety of social media and other accounts to ...
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  • Was Research Commissioned by the NFL Based on Faulty Data?

    According to an article recently published in The New York Times , research papers created by the NFL in an attempt to downplay the dangers of head injuries from football relied on flawed analysis. Confidential data acquired by The Times reveals that evidence of more than 100 diagnosed concussions were mysteriously omitted from the NFL’s reports, thereby basing its findings on an incomplete set of ...
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  • Has Your Hip Surgeon Advised You About the Anterior Approach?

    Many surgeons stick to what they know, and we’re grateful for that, especially when our lives and well-being are on the line. However, sometimes a technique or procedure gains popularity for being a less invasive surgery alternative with quicker recovery rate and surgeons are slow to transition to that option. Because of this, many simply don’t mention options to their patients, and instead go ...
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  • Traumatic Brain Injuries and Their Symptoms

    When a person suffers a blow to the head, they run the risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) . Since the brain is the body’s primary cognitive, emotional, and sensory processing center, any sort of damage to this organ can have devastating consequences. Depending on the severity, a TBI can have a lasting impact on a person’s ability to communicate, store and access memories, and perform ...
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  • Injustice In Personal Injury Cases

    One of the worst injustices facing our judicial system today is the failure to disclose to jurors that the defendants have liability insurance, their attorneys are hired "guns" paid by the insurance companies, and their insurance companies are calling the shots for the defense during the lawsuit. Most defendants have no risk at all during a lawsuit as long as they do what their insurance companies ...
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