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There are around 28,000 birth injuries per year in the US. Many of these are preventable. That’s because certain factors dramatically increase the risk of a birth injury when left untreated. To educate parents about this issue and help them be proactive in the delivery room, we think it’s essential for everyone to understand the following birth injury risk factors.

Large Babies

Some babies are naturally large, and others become large due to delayed birth. Delayed babies continue to grow, making it difficult for them to fit through the birth canal. This can cause a baby to become stuck and require forceps or other invasive procedures to remove them.

Maternal Weight

Weight gain is a natural part of pregnancy. However, excessive maternal weight puts babies at a significant risk of brain and spinal injuries. Expecting mothers presenting this condition should consult their doctors to determine the best plan of action.

Blood Pressure

A mother’s blood pressure determines her baby’s supply of blood and oxygen. It the blood pressure is too high or too low, the baby is at risk of asphyxiation. For that reason, mothers should regularly monitor their blood pressure throughout their pregnancy. Likewise, doctors have a duty to control blood pressure throughout delivery and in the days after.

Gestational Diabetes

Some mothers develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. This is a (usually) temporary condition that dissipates in the days after delivery. However, any diabetic status can have a serious impact on a child’s development. Mothers experiencing symptoms consistent with diabetes should contact their OBYGN. Expecting mothers diagnosed with gestational diabetes should keep their care providers informed at every step.

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